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Bekraneh Daneh Avash Co. founded in 2011 in Yazd city in middle of Iran
.and began its activity in the sesame base products
Sesame industry has a long history in Yazd city and there are a lot of experiences for process of sesame products . We added knowledge and modern technology to traditional methods, the result is a fully automatic line from cleaning seeds, oilseed extraction and packing
Our main product is extra virgin sesame oil .we introduce ourselves as “Benne bon “in market. Benne in Latin is another name of sesame and bon means good and desirable.
We believe that every brand has a responsibility to improve the quality of people’s lives and to contribute to improve our society

The little Queen

The small sesame seed is rich in many healthful compounds, and is known as “The queen of oilseeds”. This seed dates back to 4000 years ago and it’s one of the most ancient crops cultivated by humans.
The plant of sesame has some capsules. Sesame seeds are located inside these capsules. The color .varies from white, yellow, gray, red, brown to black
Sesame seed contains 50 % oil and 25 % protein with antioxidant lignans. Daily consumption of it, is very beneficial for providing essential amino acids and useful fatty acids.
Sesame oil is used widely in Far East countries such as china, India, Korea and Japan. Popularity of sesame oil in the Far East countries is similar to olive oil in the Mediterranean countries.
Extra virgin sesame oil preserves nutritional value of sesame seed and is considers one of the most valuable oil in the worlds

:Nutritional characteristics of sesame oil

۱٫Fatty acids composition in this oil

Sesame oil contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids (more than 80%) and less than 20% saturated .  fatty acids.
Many studies have shown that less intake of saturated fatty acid, decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

۲٫Plant sterols

Between vegetable oils, sesame oil is the richest source of “phytosterols”. (phytosterol is plant sterol and cholesterol is animal sterol.) phytosterols and cholesterol have similar structures. Phytosterols are therefore competitors of cholesterol absorption. Consequently consumption of phytosterol can lower blood cholesterol and thus protect from cardiovascular disease also phytosterol inhibits the growth of cancer cell

۳٫Exclusive compounds of sesame oil

Among the commonly used vegetable oils, sesame oil is known to be most resistant to oxidative rancidity. The superior oxidative stability is attributed to the presence of tocopherols (vitamin E) and unique group of compounds-lignans. Sasamin and sesamolin are the two major lignans. This factors act as anti-aging and anti-cancer compounds by preventing of free radical production and it also regulates blood pressure and improves inflammatory disease like rheumatoid arthritis

(Percent of Sesasamin and Sesamolin (antioxidants

:The different type of sesame oil
Chemical extraction

: Refined sesame oil

This type of sesame oil is usually extracted by chemical solvents. Refined sesame oil is produced by applying high temperature chemical reactions. The oil is completely transparent, odorless and with acidity below 0.3. In this process, the nutritional values of the oil is decreased extremely

Mechanical extraction

: Cold press sesame oil

In this method, oil extraction is carried out by applying mechanical pressure on sesame seeds. To maintain nutritional properties and flavor of sesame, the oil temperature should not exceed 45 c
The quality of oil in the cold pressing method is directly related to use of high quality sesame seed
Thermal and chemical process (quality compensatory factors) is not used and It’s the highest grade of sesame oil

? Why Benne bon

Tradition, quality, research and modern technology quid each of our steps to product excellent extra virgin sesame oil.
In this way :

  • Among the expand varieties of sesame seed, desirable seeds with high nutritional value and good flavor and taste are selected.
  • In laboratory, seeds are examined in term of microbial status and residues of pesticides.
  • Seeds are cleaned in a 5%.- step process up to 99.9
  • Cleaning the seeds and oil extraction are carried out completely automatically.
  • To preserve the nutritional quality of sesame, oil is extracted by cold press method.
  • Benne bon sesame oil is extra virgin. It means no chemical refinery and high heating process.
  • Benne bon is filled in anti UV containers
  • The raw nutty smell of benne bon, indicates preserving the nutritional properties

So we have taken a lot of care during this long journey of sesame seeds to Benne bon oil that makes you have the oil with the best of sensory (taste) and nutritional properties.
Appropriate cooking methods have the effective role in preserving properties and improving our health. To utilize all of the features of Benne bon oil, use it in the salad, cooking kinds of food and mild frying.


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